Operating procedures


The details below relate to the first Tarian Cymru appeal between 7th April and 9th July 2020.

Tarian Cymru spends all donations on PPE, and associated packing and shipping costs for the PPE.

The PPE suppliers are various specialists located in England, Wales, China, and other countries to be added.

The PPE is delivered to Tarian Cymru’s distribution centre in Pembrokeshire. It is distributed by van and car to all areas of Wales by volunteer drivers. It is then given free of charge to NHS Wales health workers and care workers. These workers are based at hospitals, care homes, surgeries, hospices, and other NHS Wales sites. No other category of worker or person may obtain the PPE from Tarian Cymru. PPE is never sold, in every case it is only donated directly to a named worker responsible for a department or ward of an organisation.

Please refer to our GoFundMe updates, @tariancymru on Twitter, Tarian Cymru on Facebook and this website for photographic and video evidence of workers receiving PPE.

In every case, before an order is made, we make a thorough assessment of the reputation of the supplier, the quality of the PPE stock, and its fitness and appropriateness for use by health and care workers. This is done in close consultation with subject specialists from the organisation NHS Hero Support, and other advisors. Order quantities are derived from projections of data submitted by the workers via the online form and direct communication with those workers. These data are accurate reports of real need among the workers (who are themselves specialists in their respective fields).

Our website disclaimer states clearly with the online form that “neither Tarian Cymru nor its partners nor suppliers can be held responsible for the choices of equipment or other decisions that you make”. While we make every effort to ensure that equipment is suitable and of a high standard, the campaign is not in a position to take responsibility for its actual use.

The bulk of the donations are made on the GoFundMe system. In some cases fundraising projects transfer donations via BACS bank transfer or Paypal. These are logged on the GoFundMe system as ‘offline’ donations. (One example is Carwyn Ellis who has raised money with his Bandcamp sales.)

All money is withdrawn by Alice Jeffs of Cardiff, the treasurer of the campaign, into a Monzo bank account dedicated to Tarian Cymru work only. Copies of financial records are available on request. Alice is a qualified doctor with numerous professional links to health workers and health organisations in Wales and the countries of the UK.

We are in the process of finalising an organisational constitution, and appointing trustees for Tarian Cymru – in accordance with best practice.

All Tarian Cymru organisers work on an unpaid voluntary basis.