First appeal Update (GoFundMe)

Care homes: the need


Some areas of Wales have not reached a peak number of Covid-19 cases. According to some estimates, certain areas in Wales could be one month away from their peak.

Workers and residents at care homes in Wales are NOT being tested for Covid-19, as a matter of official policy. They cannot find out if they are infected by the virus.

Some people reading this update have family who are affected. People are dying.

Care home workers regularly don’t have protective equipment.

This week we’re contacting more workers at care homes and domiciliary support services across Wales – to offer PPE free of charge. We’re able to reach more of the sector now, thanks to a data set of 1451 sites we’ve received.

A lot of people are affected. Think about the residents, service users, workers, and all of their households and families.

Our communication with, and provision to, workers at NHS Wales hospitals and other sites also continues.

Here is one message from many that I need to share with you:

“Antur Waunfawr supports 75 adults with learning disabilities, many of whom are in the ‘high risk’ category should they develop Covid-19 symptoms.”

“We were struggling to find adequate supplies of PPE for our support workers, and heard that Tarian Cymru may be able to help with our appeal. We filled in a short questionnaire online… and in no time Tarian Cymru had sourced and donated visors and FFP2 masks for us. We’re so grateful for their support and we would recommend any health workers in need of PPE to contact them.”

“Thank you Tarian Cymru and everyone that has supported their crowdfunding appeal!”

Thank you so much to the 862 people and groups who have helped health and care workers – through donating money to Tarian Cymru’s work in its first three weeks.

Thank you to the community groups, musicians, poets, activists, armchair auctioneers, actors, sports teams, choirs, and everybody else who has shared the campaign and raised money.

We’ve just reached the £50,000 target – but there is much still to be done.

The new target of £100,000 reflects the seriousness of the situation, and our hopes to meet more need.

Please share the link with at least two people you know today.

Photos: Tŷ Llandaff / Antur Waunfawr

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