First appeal Update (GoFundMe)

PPE: beyond the £20,000


Dear Everybody

It looks like we will have serious PPE problems in Wales for some time.

Our health minister said there were ‘a few days’ full PPE left – and that was Tuesday, on BBC Wales News.

For the summer (at least) there will be need to be community responses for health and care workers – where official efforts have fallen short.

New target

You helped reach the target of £20,000 on Thursday night, and thank you so much.

We have immediately set a new target of £50,000.

The immediate need is ordering more medical gowns for our health workers. We’re distributing some already, but they go rapidly. We never sit on boxes of PPE.

Tarian Cymru has ordered these items: gloves, medical gowns, masks, and visors.

“We’re just using paper masks, and my heart missed a beat when I got the phone call. Thank you so much, I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are.”
Anonymous, hospital in north Wales

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See the Tarian Cymru blog for some ideas and inspiration.

The work

As well as ordering, Tarian Cymru has partnered with local manufacturing projects for visors, including Crymych Community Project and Ysgol Bro Morgannwg.

We are developing our distribution networks and teams to reach ALL of Wales’ hospitals, health, and care sites. Everybody is volunteering.

Having so much support – financial, practical, and moral – is so encouraging.

Every step of the way we’re sharing our supplier contacts with the authorities in Wales, and will adapt all activity based on need.

Above is a picture of Ward H, Morriston Hospital, Swansea this week.

Please share

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