First appeal Update (GoFundMe)

A few ideas on how to help health and care workers in Wales

Dear Friend

Tarian Cymru needs your help, to share the campaign – and help more health and care workers.

Together this week we broke through the £10,000 barrier. Thank you so much. Your generosity and love for our workers is overwhelming.

Care workers, we see you

Now that we’ve fulfilled the original target we have expanded to include workers in care homes and hospices, as well as those in NHS Wales. You’ve no doubt seen the news on the desperate situation for care workers. The new target is £20,000 to reflect this urgent need.

We’re not sitting on your donation money: it is being put to use straightaway on professional-standard equipment for workers.

The visors are being distributed today! We’ve also just placed a big order for medical gowns. These gowns give amazing protection and conform to strict international standards.

Next order

Now we need to order as many KN95/FFP2 masks as possible. The selected masks are NOT flimsy things from the hardware shop – they meet multiple strict quality standards. Health and care workers around Wales are routinely requesting these. It would be superb if we could order several thousand of them. That depends on budget.

Responding to need

Our volunteer team are liaising with health and care workers daily. If levels of need change across jobs and organisations then we will respond. If government, health boards, and other authorities are able to fulfil a need then we’ll move to address a need elsewhere.

Share the link

This is a powerful way to help. You can share the GoFundMe link. Alternatively the short version is

Below are some ideas.

Friends and family

Plus encourage friends and family to donate, and to share the link.

Online spaces

Do you run a website, podcast, Facebook group, Twitter account, or other media – big or small? Perhaps you are in a WhatsApp group – of three people or more? Plus plug the campaign in this online space.

Groups and organisations

Are you part of a society, club, sports team, choir, political party grouping, place of worship, or similar? Please let your friends and colleagues know about the campaign. Ask whoever runs the communications to spread the message.


Do you play music? Can you do an online gig? Can you raise funds? Carwyn Ellis (Colorama, Rio 18) and Gareth Bonello (Gentle Good) have released music on their Bandcamp pages, from which all proceeds will go to Tarian Cymru’s work. Diolch iddyn nhw!


Are you able to offer artwork – whether existing or a new commission? Our fundraising team, again all volunteers, are putting together an auction. Please consider being included, and contact us for a quick chat.


If you have another idea for fundraising (quizzes, comedy, theatre, a lecture, a stunt, a happening, anything you can think of…) please start organising it. Just let us know about your plans via Twitter, Facebook, or email

Every donation you can encourage will count. GoFundMe is the best way to collect payment. If you need to take payment via a different method then please contact us.


P.S. Tarian Cymru is doing an auction in partnership with some well known names.

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