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Coronavirus: crowdfunding to procure equipment for health workers (press release)


A new not-for-profit initiative launches today (9 April) to procure urgently personal protective equipment (PPE) for NHS Wales workers.

The initiative, Tarian Cymru, is run by a group of volunteers.

The plan is to raise money towards orders for professional-standard protective equipment via global suppliers.

Gwenno Teifi, co-organiser of the initiative says:

“We are receiving direct reports that our friends who are health workers in Wales still have not received adequate protective equipment in order to care for patients – including patients who have caught COVID-19, or have shown symptoms.”

With the crisis worsening at such a fast rate Gwenno Teifi says that there was no choice but to act urgently:

“As a community initiative, we are launching this urgent call for money to enable us to order PPE. We are asking people to give generously to protect the health of those who in turn protect us.”

According to an anonymous NHS staff member in Wales “Please provide us with essential PPE!! Staff are stressed and crying in work, they don’t want to catch the virus and possibly die as a result of their efforts to help others. This also puts our family’s at risk. We will fight this virus and stand together but we deserve the protection of proper PPE not surgical masks with offer little protection!!”. (Contact information for interviews with health workers who can discuss the state of current equipment is available on request.)

Contributions to the campaign can be made through


Notes for editors

  • Contact details for health workers who are willing to discuss the present equipment are available on request, including those who are only willing to speak anonymously.
  • There have been a number of media reports about shortcomings in the current supply of equipment. Some workers have resorted to buying equipment from hardware stores which is not necessarily appropriate for hospital work.
  • An open letter signed by over 1200 health workers says “we are not currently being provided with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to stop us being infected while we are working. The more doctors that get sick and have to isolate, the longer it is going to take to control the spread of this virus.”